Ideas to choose great cover images for your social media strategy

If you are selecting a pre-used Google plus image as your cover image for your profile, stop now. I can uSocial Media Profile Cover Imagenderstand your sentiment behind this as this is very easy and as it was mentioned in the Google’ image library so you would think it wins hands down, correct? Nah, that’s absolutely incorrect! Choosing a image from a assorted given library showcases your laziness and non creativity towards your business or personal profile on social media. Your cover image is considered to be the most vital element of your profile and it shows your emotional and sentimental attachment towards the profile. The cover images are your real property space where you can showcase your business or personality in great detail as they are bigger than your profile pictures. If your profile is business related, you must be having a lot of product related pics that could help your to update your cover images on a regular basis depending on your repository. This works well for people in the specific industries such as fashion designing, food (restaurants and hotels) and other engaging industries that have a continuous changing repository. Drawing the first visits from your potential customers with an attractive and catchy cover image on display on a long way to creating a good ‘first impression’ of your brand.

Pleasing Personalities

Using an employee snap is a great pick for businesses that are very customer focused. Generally, people are more interested in discovering who is at the other end of the business. This is more connected with businesses who are more about ‘services’. Pick a professional picture that illustrates your employee as an expert in what you do along with him/her being friendly and having a smile on their face. Get a good group image with a lot of smiling people and use it with another good image as a placeholder.

Using a customer picture can also show others just how much others like your business. A good customer showcasing your products or services can go a long way in enticing the new potential customer. Use something like a testimonial or a special event that you had conducted successfully with the last customer as reference for making a picture that will help you in engaging the visitors.

You can also rally your social media or personal fan base to send their own desired pics from events, which can help customer rendezvous. Friendly people and satisfied customers are the most significant 2 things of customer services that a potential customer looks out for.

Don’t just work, enjoy it

If your workplace is clean, exciting and friendly, a workplace picture can be an superb pick as your next social media cover image. This can in particular be appealing if your workplace encourages customers so they can get a demo of what they can expect from you. A good reception, a resident pet that welcomes guests or a notable facility will act as bonus points that deserve to be shown off.

You can also utilize your recently attended or organized few fundraiser event photos in which you had participated as well. These pictures can help in showcasing your involvement in other communities or on the fun side of business. If you are a company with full of activity, a “weekly display” with a frequently changing cover update would be great as it will keep your followers up to speed on what’s happening, but is also a clever way to stay in some social media websites newsfeeds without being too intolerable.

It’s time to go and show off

Lastly, do not overlook about a simple graph that explains about your business or a recently won award. After all, this is your space to proclaim your shining moments and boost your business. A few details about your products/services, how to use them, how can they benefit the visitors or rave reviews you had received from clients for doing it perfectly can go a long way in helping your business social media profile.

Don’t forget to make sure that your cover image is of high quality so that it captures the visitors’ eyes and keeps a strong first impression on them.

How to use Images for improving your Social Media Marketing

Images Improve Social Media MarketingIt’s no secret that images are a powerful tool in human communication. Numerous psychological studies have found that our brains not only process images more quickly than text, but images also register with us on an emotional level. Throughout the history of humanity written text has only been around for a few thousand years, while visual stimulants and images have been around for tens of thousands of years. Even cavemen used images, shown in the paintings they left behind.

Advertisers and marketers have been using images in print media for years and are realizing more and more that images are just as powerful — if not more so— on the Internet. In the past few years, image-based social media has become increasingly popular; in fact Instagram and Pinterest are two of the fastest growing social media sites ever. Images in social media marketing are truly the way of the future. Here are a few reasons why images work and how you should use them in your social media campaigns.

Why Are Images so Important in Marketing?

As mentioned above, numerous studies have shown that our brains love pictures, and process them much more readily than text alone. According to Billion Dollar Graphics, psychologists estimate that we decode images about 60 percent faster than text. Furthermore, according to Zabisco, about 90% of the information that comes into our brain is visual. Images even play a role in how we learn. For example, if you’re enrolled in continued education courses, taking a study break with a colorful magazine is a great way to help recharge your brain.

The appeal that images have doesn’t just apply to photographs — infographics and videos also help attract and keep our attention. YouTube receives about 4 billion views per day; that’s about one view for every other person on the planet. All of this means that if you’re not using images and videos as part of your Internet marketing campaign, you’re just not getting the most out of your efforts.

What Makes an Image Shareable?

Images will inevitably be shared more often than text online, but certain types of images are shared more often than others. Here are some of the reasons people share images on their pages.

Quotes and Stories: Good quotes usually resonate with people. Quotes elicit a “me too!” response among readers, which prompts them to share the quote with others. Disney, for example, often posts stills of its movies along with a quote on Facebook. These posts have hundreds — if not thousands — of likes and shares. Granted, Disney is an internationally recognized corporation, but the same logic applies to small businesses, too.

You can embed quotes in images using tools like PicMonkey. This is especially effective if you want to give the words you post extra emphasis. SomeeCards, Inc. is a whole business built around the idea that quotes in an image are highly shareable.

Humor: Everyone loves a good joke, no matter how serious your business is. Several months ago, marketers for E&A Credit Union attracted a great deal of attention with a post about zombies. To promote their home equity credit services, E&A posted a photo of a zombie-proof house. The photo’s caption let followers know they could use the 1.99% equity line of credit to prepare their home against a zombie infestation. It received hundreds of likes and shares within a few hours.

News: If images share pressing news about a business or current event, users will likely share them. This is part of what’s made Instagram a valuable news source. By following natural disasters or other breaking news events, people often get their news through social media before traditional outlets.

“Mirror” Images: People also tend to share images that are similar to their own. If you’re designing an infographic or another image with embedded text, do some research and see what kinds of images are trending. Chances are, if a person liked a design well enough to make it their cover photo, they’ll also like it when you use it in a post.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to have a post about an image to use its power. Regardless of what kind of content you’re posting, you can often get the most mileage out of your post by combining an image with text. For example, when posting a link to a story on Facebook, you should always craft an image post and put the full link to the article in the caption. This way, the image will be much bigger and will attract more attention.

Start using these tips to get the most out of your social media marketing today!

Defining Ways to Improve Marketing Efforts using Social Sign-On

Social Signon for Marketing EffortsNowadays, 17 % of retailers are starting to prefer using social sign-in on their websites according to the Social Commerce IQ Retail Study held in 2013. On top of it, retailers are hardly gathering adequate data from the online social profiles to gain sufficient insight and add value to their marketing efforts.

It seems that the move to social CRM and big data applications is still in its immature stage. In such a scenario, how can the retailers reap the complete gains of social sign-on and boost their revenue? One way could be to utilize their clients social profile information and accumulate it for understanding their customers’ interests. Once they are clear of their customers’ interests, they can use the information in endless ways in driving their marketing campaigns and shaping their business ideas. But wait there must be more to this? Here are a few ways we can use this information to market more efficiently:

Personalizing the Facebook Adverts

You must have seen that the data gathered from the Facebook profiles can be adapted to target specific adverts to customers. You can personalize this either by your geos, likes, interests, names or by sending them a special advert for visiting your website. By doing this, you raise the chances of increasing clicks on your adverts and visits towards your website, thus increasing the sales chances of your products/services. This “Loyalty Building” in general helps you in staying on your customers’ radar thus increasing the chances of repeated business and increased revenue for your business.

Mixing Social Sign-in with Internal Data

Social sign-in verifies your clients’ identity and reduces people providing forged or spam information when they are registering on your web portal. This means you will have more trustworthy information about your customers on board.

By integrating your internal data with that of the acquired data from Facebook, you can form a more complete and personalized look at your customers. So, instead of using your customers as simple an email address or enlisting them in a past customers list, you can use Facebook data to put a genuine identity with a ‘Name and Face’ to your customers. This enables you to understand their interests and acquire high quality marketing intelligence helping to make marketing and business decisions.

Marketing Campaigns (Internal)

Apart from the above mentioned ways, your customers Facebook profile information can be used in other internal marketing campaigns like running a special promotional campaign used during a birthday month, running an cross-promotional email campaign linking to Facebook such as polls, contests, using geo specific informational data to send special invites to relevant events around their local stores.

Gain New Logos

In a recent study conducted by Social Commerce IQ Retail 2013, it was found that 89% retailers had asked for their friends list but the list was not found worthy of any value to them. By expanding and requesting their friends “likes” list, you can gain insights into their areas of interest that may be similar to yours. By analyzing, the likes and their patterns, retailers can also utilize this information to reach out to new prospects on Facebook by targeting the people who have equal ‘Likes’.

There are certainly a bundle of pros to using Social sign-in tools both ways. For the customer, it makes their access to your website easier apart from not having to remember an extra login username and password. For the retailers and business organizations, the information accumulated from social sign-in’s can be used to improve and personalize your marketing efforts in eternal ways.

I would be glad to hear your social sign-in experiences used in your marketing projects; both good and bad?

Twitter turns seven years old

TWITTER----1814150The micro-blogging social network, Twitter, turned 7-years-old on Thursday since they originally launched back in 2006.

The first official tweet was sent out by creator Jack Dorsey who sent out a message that could rival Neil Armstrong’s moon-landing quote by saying, “just setting up my twttr.”

According to Twitter’s official blog, it has over 200 million users around the world with 400 million tweets being sent out on a daily basis. Twitter has become a true global town square — a public place to hear the latest news, exchange ideas and connect with people all in real time. Twitter released a video showing how the service has progressed throughout the years, with the hashtag and retweet features going live in 2007, Japan being added in 2008 and other milestones throughout its seven years of service.

The company was also giving its users the opportunity to celebrate today by tweeting out a message with the hashtag #Twitter7.


YouTube touches one billion hits per month mark

Google’s video sharing site YouTube has said that it has over one billion people watching videos every month.

The milestone announced on Wednesday by the site, which was launched in 2005. YouTube crossed the 1 billion threshold five months after Facebook, Fox News reports.

The vast audience has given YouTube’s owner, Google another lucrative channel for selling online ads beyond its dominant Internet search engine, the report said. Google bought YouTube for 1.76 billion dollars in 2006 when the video site had an estimated 50 million users worldwide, the report added.